The Club Kid

The Club Kid was a young high school or college girl who was one of the potentials Neo had to save. She somehow got hold of a "magic key" (most likely made and/or given to her by the Keymaker) that was able to open any door, including accessing the Industrial hallway. While exploring, she finds her way to Club Hel, where she was captured by a group of exiles.

Neo journeys to the club, taking on dobermen and their leader, Big Ugly. Neo leads the kid upstairs to the coat check room, where Neo fights with a group of Dobermen. Club Kid helps by using her key to open up the weapons locker and giving weapons to Neo.

After Neo and the potential escape via the Industry hallway, the redpill destroys the key, because it had caused her too much trouble.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey speedy guy, wait up! Uh, are you sure you should be running in that dress?" (to Neo)
  • "You got a good car, dude? Because I ain't riding in no beat-up ride."


  • She has Niobe's sunglasses.


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