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The Elements are a group of Exiles which used to be facets of one larger program before they escaped into the Matrix. The code comprising them was sundered in their escape from the Machine Source. Each is fractured along a different line, focused in a different way — some would call them eccentric, but others prefer the term "broken." In their new lives they find themselves drawn to one another: to compete, cooperate, and monitor each other's activities with obsessive dedication.

You might think of them as a group of close friends who grew up together, defining themselves by their relationships with each other. Now that they've left the safety of the Source, they must make their way alone.

The vagaries of their new lonesome existences sometimes prove too much for them to bear. They long for the simplicity and clarity of their former life. They take any opportunity to interact with each other, and against each other, to remind themselves of the halcyon days when they were important programs with purpose, rather than cast-offs hiding in the backwaters of the Matrix.

The Elements are primarily located in Richland.


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