The Healer was a potential who made medicines to cure various illnesses from his Red Pill Herbal Remedies shop in Chinatown. While he believed that some ailments were not meant to be cured, and any who attempted were taken by demons for their arrogance, he tried to do so after his daughter fell victim to one of those ailments. When Neo arrived The Healer believed him to be a demon and resigned himself to his fate, and said that he would follow him. Afterwards he showed little regard for his own life; walking directly into the crossfire of SWAT teams shooting at them--to the annoyance of Neo.

At the end of the level, it is revealed by a newspaper that The Healer's daughter was miraculously cured.

Path of NeoEdit

In The Matrix: Path of Neo he is one of the potentials who has to be rescued by Neo prior to the events of Reloaded.
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