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Series 1 pin-up by Vince Evans

The Matrix Comics Series 1 is the first collection of webcomics set in the Matrix universe. It was released on the official website through 1999 and includes two short stories, seven comic strips (of which one, The Man Who Knew Too Much, was removed early on) and four pin-up pictures.


The Matrix is not an easy film to explain. Beneath a story of unexpected complexity, it is, at its core, a film of ideas and it is those ideas that have inspired this project: a collection of stories set in the world of the Matrix.
The stories stand alone. They are not adaptations.
The contributors are some of the most talented artists and writers working in the comics medium today.
They include: Paul Chadwick (CONCRETE), Neil Gaiman (SANDMAN), Bill Sienkiewicz (ELECTRA ASSASIN), Harlan Elison (I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream), Steve Skroce (GAMBIT), Michael Kaluta (BOOKS OF MAGIC), Geof Darrow (HARD BOILED), Poppy Z. Brite (LOST SOULS), Larry and Andy Wachowski (BOUND), Ted McKeever (METROPOL), among others.
The stories work without seeing the film and run a wide spectrum of types, from action to contemplation to frightening, much like the film itself.
And the best part is: it's all free! FREE!
Long live the web!


Title Writers Artists Comments
Goliath Neil Gaiman Bill Sienkiewicz, Gregory Ruth A short story released on March 31st 1999. Illustrations were added at a later date when it was included in Volume 1.[1]
System Freeze Poppy Z. Brite

Dave Dorman, Michael Kaluta

A short story released on March 13th 1999. New illustrations were added when it was included in Volume 2.[2]
The Man Who Knew Too Much W. Wilbur W. Removed from the website. Released April 7th 1999. Not included in either printed volume.
Sweating the Small Stuff Bill Sienkiewicz Spencer Lamm is credited under plot in the comic strip but not in the Volume 1 contents page. Released April 1st 1999.
Déjà Vu Paul Chadwick Printed to coincide with the release of The Matrix as a Comic Book Preview[3] which was recalled after the content was deemed too controversial.[4] Also included in Volume 2.
Morning Sickness John Gaeta, Grant Niesner, Thomas Proctor, Brett Hartshorn, Dan Rosen, Noah Mizrahi, Sean White & Jamie Pilgrim Created by staff of visual effects house Manex Visual Effects which worked on The Matrix. Released May 5th 1999. Not included in either printed volume.
Bits and Pieces of Information Lana & Lilly Wachowski Geof Darrow Written as the first of a four part story,[5] aspects of this story were later incorporated into the Animatrix short film "The Second Renaissance". Artist Geof Darrow worked as a concept artist on all three Matrix films. Released June 16th 1999. Included in Volume 1.
Wrong Number Vince Evans Vince Evans only credited for "Art" in the comic strip, but for "Plot & Art" in the Volume 2 contents page. Released April 1st 1999.
Farewell Performance Jim Krueger Tim Sale Released April 1st 1999. Included in Volume 2.
A Life Less Empty Ted McKeever Released April 2nd 1999. Included in Volume 1.

Pin-ups Edit

Series 1 had four pin-ups:

  1. by Vince Evans of an Agent shooting at a Resistance operative as he tries to exit.
  2. by Geof Darrow of pods from the fetus fields like those seen in Morning Sickness, also used as the cover of The Matrix: Comic Book Preview
  3. by Aron Weisenfeld of Saga Talmer falling to street level for Run, Saga, Run from Series 2, included partly colored in The Matrix: Comic Book Preview
  4. by Michael Kaluta of Fria Canning climbing for System Freeze; a detail from it was later colored for the short story and included in The Matrix: Comic Book Preview

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