The Matrix Comics Series 2 is a collection of twelve webcomics and six pin-up pictures set in the Matrix universe released on the official website from May 19th 2000 (Get It?) to January 26th 2002 (An Asset to the System).


When we started putting these comics together well over a year ago, we had no idea how well received they would be by both fans and the comic book industry alike. This was before the movie came out, before anyone knew what the Matrix was. It's a different time and place now, with millions of people not only knowing what the Matrix is, but visiting the world Larry and Andy created often, whether through the DVD, midnight theater showings (which in some areas are weekly weekend events), and the web site.
We managed to get some wonderful names involved for the first wave of comics. Neil Gaiman, Ted McKeever, Paul Chadwick, Geof Darrow, among others. For this second wave, most of these names are back, but this time, we're going even bigger. Longer stories. More names. And we're particularly excited that the pages we've been collecting these past months launch today, with Peter Bagge. As you'll see over the coming months, with stories and art as good as we're receiving, the impulse to post immediately is hard to fight. Among the new faces: John Van Fleet (BATMAN), Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN), Simon Bisley (SLAIN, JUDGE DRED), with many more surprises. Stories, pin-ups, even FLASH pieces, done by the creators themselves, comic book veterans working with a love of the medium. We really couldn't have asked for anything more.
For those that don't know (though if you're here, this is unlikely), sequels are in pre-production. News is forthcoming, but in the meantime, kick back and enjoy some alternate explorations in The Matrix.
Long live the web!


Title Writers Artists Comments
An Asset to the System Troy Nixey Included in Volume 2.
A Path Among Stones Gregory Ruth Included in Volume 2.
There Are No Flowers in the Real World David Lapham Parts 1 & 2. Also released with Stray Bullets #2 for Free Comic Book Day in 2002 by El Capitan Books. Included in Volume 1.
Broadcast Depth Bill Sienkiewicz Included a hidden QuickTime movie. Included in Volume 2.
Butterfly Dave Gibbons Included in Volume 1.
Day In... Day Out Ted McKeever & Keron Grant Ted McKeever Story by Ted McKeever, script by Keron Grant. Not included in either printed volume.
Burning Hope John Van Fleet Included in Volume 1.
The King of Never Return Ted McKeever Included in Volume 2.
An Easy One Tommy Lee Edwards Lettering by John Workman. Not included in either printed volume.
Let It All Fall Down Paul Chadwick Not included in either printed volume.
Get It? Peter Bagge Included in Volume 1.
Run, Saga, Run Keron Grant Inks by Rob Stull. Included in Volume 2.

Pin-ups Edit

Series 2 had six pin ups:

  1. by Peter Bagge of Johnny and his friends watching The Matrix for "Get It?"
  2. by Paul Chadwick of Peter Schoppe and his EPOs during his last moments for "Let It All Fall Down"
  3. by John Van Fleet of Hope for "Burning Hope", which was included on The Matrix Comics Volume 1 contents page
  4. by Keron Grant of Saga Talmer for "Run, Saga, Run"
  5. by Ted McKeever of Phoebe in Mexico for "The King of Never Return", it was later colored for The Matrix Comics Volume 2 contents page
  6. by Tommy Lee Edwards of Avalon and her crew on a mission inside the Matrix for "An Easy One"

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