The Matrix Comics Series 3 is the final of three series of webcomics, released on the official website from June 6th 2002 (Return of the Prodigal Son) to December 19th 2003 (Artistic Freedom). Unlike the other series, it had no introduction and consisted of only five comics and three pin-up pictures, most of which were included in The Matrix Comics Volume 1.


Title Writers Artists Comments
The Miller's Tale Paul Chadwick Released as the only story in a limited edition Volume 1 preview comic book given away at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con and for pre-orders of the first printed volume, which it was included in.
Return of the Prodigal Son Gregory Ruth Parts 1 & 2. Not included in either printed volume.
A Sword of a Different Color Troy Nixey Included in Volume 1.
Hunters and Collectors Gregory Ruth Included in Volume 1.
Artistic Freedom Ryder Windham Kilian Plunkett Included in Volume 1.

Pin-ups Edit

Series 3 had three pin-ups:

  1. by Greg Ruth of an Agent for "Return of the Prodigal Son", which was included in the comic itself and was used on the introduction page of The Matrix Comics Volume 1
  2. by Troy Nixey of a Sentinel as a preview for "A Sword of a Different Color"
  3. by Kaare Andrews for "I Kant" from The Matrix Comics Volume 2, which was used on the front cover of the Volume 1 preview comic, and the back cover of the Volume itself

Additionally, a pin-up by Stuart Immonen of the Woman in Red in the style of the other pin-ups from Series 3 was put on the web comics news section, but was never included in the Series.

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