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The Matrix Comics Volume 2 is a printed collection of eleven comics and one short story set in the Matrix universe, with two additional preview comic strips also by the publishing company Burlyman Entertainment. Of these, three were completely new and never published online; the rest had all been on the official website for some time. Edited by Spencer Lamm with Sharon Bray as assistant editor, it was printed in 2004 and came to 176 pages.


One year ago we released volume one of THE MATRIX COMICS.
However, it was well before — back in 1998 — that we began producing these stories for We did not originally intend to release them in print, but thanks to a very vocal fan base, we got the message.
For all those who supported the first collection, we greatly appreciate it and hope you enjoy this second lineup as much as we do.
This volume includes another twelve stories. Readers intimate with the online stories will notice updates throughout. We added color for Paul Chadwick, Tim Sale, Vince Evans and Ted McKeever, and Poppy Z. Brite's prose piece features new illustrations by Dave Dorman.
There are never before seen stories, three in all. Peter Bagge gives us his second comedic look at THE MATRIX TRILOGY. Michael Oeming illustrates the difficult life of a rebel post REVOLUTIONS. While Kaare Andrews shows us how the Kid from the sequels and THE ANIMATRIX contends with a world without Neo.
Completing the dozen, we have four more stories by Bill Sienkiewicz, Greg Ruth, Keron Grant and Troy Nixey. These, along with many others, remain free at
No question, the Internet is cool.
But there is nothing quite like the smell of fresh printers ink as the sheets race off the presses, waiting to be trimmed and bound. With a nod of the head to Italo Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler, books have a magic all their own. Which is part of the reason our story does not end just yet.
As you read this, our first two bi-monthly titles are hitting comic shops.
To hear from the Brothers Wachowski directly, turn to page 156. From there, read a free preview — yes, 16 free pages over volume one — of these latest offerings, DOC FRANKENSTEIN and THE SHAOLIN COWBOY.
Of the multitude of choices, we appreciate your opening these pages.
From the Burly trenches,
Spencer Lamm
November, 2004


Title Writers Artists Comments
Farewell Performance Jim Krueger Tim Sale
Déjà Vu Paul Chadwick Also printed to coincide with the release of The Matrix as a Comic Book Preview[1] which was recalled when the content was deemed too controversial.[2]
System Freeze Poppy Z. Brite

Dave Dorman, Michael Kaluta

Short story; new illustrations were added when it was included in Volume 2.[3]
The King of Never Return Ted McKeever
An Asset to the System Troy Nixey
A Path Among Stones Gregory Ruth
Run, Saga, Run Keron Grant Inks by Rob Stull.
Wrong Number Vince Evans Vince Evans only credited for "Art" in the comic strip, but for "Plot & Art" in the Volume 2 contents page.
Broadcast Depth Bill Sienkiewicz Web comic included a hidden QuickTime movie.
Who Says You Can't Get Good Help These Days? Peter Bagge Not published as a webcomic.
Saviors Spencer Lamm Michael Oeming Not published as a webcomic.
I Kant Kaare Andrews Not published as a webcomic.
Doc Frankenstein Lana & Lilly Wachowski Steve Skroce Non-Matrix preview comic.
Shaolin Cowboy Geof Darrow Non-Matrix preview comic.

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