The Matrix Reloaded Cell phone

The cell phone in The Matrix Reloaded.

The Matrix Reloaded Cell phone was a type of cell phone that was used by bluepills and redpills within the Matrix.

Details and FeaturesEdit

The Matrix Reloaded Cell phone Opened

The cell phone with its spring-slider opened.

This cell phone was used by many Resistance members during the near-end of the Machine War. This highly advanced cell phone is quick and easy to use for all users. The most remarkable features of this cell phone is its spring-loaded earpiece which snaps up after pressing the side buttons to reveal the phone's monitor screen and it also brings the earpiece up and closer to the user and the soft and polished dial pad to allow users to quickly dial the number of their contacts.

The phone's monitor screen contains a bright green light to display the features the phone carries as well as a list of contacts. Members of the Resistance used this phone to quickly contact hovercraft Operators for information and exit requests.

Samsung SPH-N270 and The Matrix ReloadedEdit

Samsung SPH-N270

The Samsung SPH-N270.

This phone model and design was custom made specifically for the film. In other words, the phone seen in The Matrix Reloaded is not a real cell phone and it was made by the production designers specifically for the film.

However, to tie-in with the release of The Matrix Reloaded, manufacturer, Samsung, created the Samsung SPH-N270 Cell phone that closely resembles the phone used in the film. The Samsung SPH-N270 has the same features as it is seen in the film. It can be used for regular daily phone calls and it also features the spring-loaded earpiece and the display monitor. However, as a special feature for the phone, Samsung made the display monitor's background and the Matrix code for decoration.

This phone today ranges between $700.00 - $1,500.00 due to the highly detailed appearance and its rare occurrences.


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