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The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth installment in The Matrix franchise, co-written and directed by Lana Wachowski. It had its U.S. premiere on December 18, 2021, in San Francisco, California, and was generally released by Warner Bros. in North American theaters on December 22, 2021. The movie was released onto HBO Max for a one-month period alongside theatre.

Written by Lana Wachowski, Aleksandar Hemon, and David Mitchell,[2] the film was released on December 22, 2021.[1] The title of the film was revealed on August 25, 2021.[3]


In the Modal, Morpheus and a few Agents reenact Trinity's escape while Sequoia and Bugs watch on. However, as false Trinity almost escapes, she is found by Smith-Morpheus, and Bugs is caught by the Agents. At the last minute, Morpheus and Bugs run into a room, which resembles Thomas Anderson (Neo's) room at the beginning of The Matrix (1999). Bugs reveals to Morpheus that Neo's presence helped her realize the Matrix was not real, while Morpheus realized after finding Matrix code lines in water. Bugs then frees Morpheus with a red pill after Morpheus tells her his purpose is to find Neo. As the pair escape, Agents try to kill them, but Seq directs Bugs and Morpheus into a door, allowing them to successfully escape the Matrix.

At Deus Machina, Thomas Anderson is working on his Matrix video game when he discovers something wrong in the Modal. He tries to find the anomaly, but is interrupted by Jude walking in. Tom's iPhone buzzes and the old man says he needs a coffee break. Jude takes Tom to Simulatte to talk about the themes in the Matrix video game when Tiffany and her children walk in. Jude notices Tom looking at Tiffany and introduces Tom to Tiffany, despite Tom protesting. Afterward back in his office, Tom tries to hold onto the memory of Tiff shaking his hand before going back to work. When he opens the Modal, Tom notices that it is gone. He tries to get it back, but the result just reads as "file purged". A worker then opens the door and tells Tom that his boss, Smith, wants to meet with him in his office.

In his office, Smith begins talking to Tom with a quote from The Matrix (1999), "Millions of people just living out their lives... oblivious..."; before they talk about the future of their company. However, Tom hallucinates Smith's jaws being shut in reaction to the news that the original Matrix game trilogy is getting a sequel trilogy.

In the office of the Analyst, Tom and the therapist talk about the progress Tom has been through and gets a refill on his blue pill prescription. The next days, during the production of Matrix 4 (game), Tom gets a lot of inspiration from his peers and kung fu films. He also goes through with his regular schedule. It is during this period that Tom refuses to take his blue pills one day.

One day, during the production of Matrix 4 (game), Morpheus and the crew of the Mnemosyne attempt to rescue Tom from the Matrix, but Tom thinks he's hallucinating again. During the evacuation, SWAT guards search the office building for Morpheus, and Morpheus uses the guns he brought with him to fight the SWAT guards. Tom continues telling himself he's hallucinating, even when Smith picks up a gun during the fight and his old memories return.

In the Analyst's office, Tom centers with the help of the Analyst and his cat, Deja vu.

Tom later goes to the top of the building and reflects on his old memories when Bugs finds him, and tells him that he saved her from the Matrix. Bugs then takes Neo into a portal located in Tokyo to an abandoned theater, where they find the Mnemosyne's crew and Morpheus inside it playing Neo's old memories (read: the original trilogy) on a shredded screen. Bugs and Morpheus convince Neo to take a red pill, before Agents, Bots, and the Analyst are alerted of Neo's choice. As the Mnemosyne's crew try to find an exit, they are ambushed by a Bot swarm before Sequoia finds an exit in a Tokyo subway bathroom mirror. Bugs allows Neo to go through the mirror first, and he does.

Neo wakes up in a Matrix pod in an isolated area, and is horrified to find that Trinity is also in a Matrix pod in the same area as him. Octacles, one of the Mnemosyne's tame Machines, frees Neo from his plugs and Cybebe, another tame Machine, carries Neo to the Mnemosyne. The Mnemosyne's crew attempts to nurse Neo back to health, but quickly realize he was meticulously cared for in his Matrix pod. Desperate to keep him alive, the crew jack Neo into the Construct where Morpheus breaks the news that Neo did change the world after the events of The Matrix Revolutions (2003); but he is also not the same after an event (separating Neo and Trinity from each other). In order to test/train him, Morpheus engages in a fight with Neo in a dojo and nearly beats him to death when Neo violently retaliates and destroys the dojo.

After the fight, Neo wakes up in a room in the Mnemosyne, and Bugs finds him. Neo admits that if he had been released from the Matrix, then his old memories have been turned into a video game. Bugs admits that the Matrix will make anything trivial, before introducing Neo to the rest of the Mnemosyne's crew - Berg, Lexy, Ellster, Morpheus, Cybebe, Octacles, and Lumin8. Neo is terrified of Cybebe, Octacles, and Lumin8, as they are Machines, but the Machine's tame nature relieve his fears and gain his respect.

The Mnemosyne then enters IO, the only city where Machine and humans live in peace. Niobe is the leader of the city and punishes the Mnemosyne for freeing Neo, while catching Neo up on what has happened since the final battle of the Machine War. Niobe then imprisons Neo "for his protection" before the Mnemosyne's crew break Neo out of jail to free Trinity. Niobe reluctantly lets the crew go, despite knowing the dangers of letting a crew go free somebody from the Matrix.

The Mnemosyne's crew locate Trinity inside the Matrix before entering the Matrix to find her. In an abandoned building in the Matrix (probably close to Trinity's location), Smith corners the crew and shows off his new alliance with the Merovingian and his cronies before fighting the crew - Smith and the Merovingian need to kill Neo in order to be free again. During the fight, Smith plows Neo into the first floor of the ruins (below the original fight site in the ruins) and the two proceed to fight. Smith nearly beats Neo to death - until Neo regains his powers during the fight, gaining the upper hand and defeating Smith. The Mnemosyne's crew fight the Merovingian's cronies and the ship's crew survives.

After the fight, Neo finds Trinity working on motorcycles in her shop and tries to talk to her, when the scene suddenly repeats and time slows. The Analyst appears and tells Neo about "bullet time" (the ability to slow time), Neo and Trinity's resurrection, and his bots. One of these bots shoots a bullet towards Trinity (in swarm mode as a demonstration) and Neo (in slow motion) attempts to catch the bullet before it reaches Trinity as the Analyst mocks him. When time returns to normal and the Analyst disappears, Neo accidentally calls "Tiffany" "Trinity" before the Mnemosyne's crew are forced to leave the Matrix as one of IO's ships has found them.

At IO, Niobe berates Bugs for her heist, and Bugs tries to defend her actions, saying that Niobe would rather harvest food than free minds from the Matrix. Before a full-blown argument erupts between the two, Kujaku flies into Niobe's office, bringing a message that Sati needs to speak to her and Neo.

At a meeting, Sati reveals that she knows the location of Trinity and decides that IO needs to free her. The Mnemosyne and several ships volunteer to accomplish this. Kujaku comes along with the Mnemosyne to upload Trinity into itself, even if Trinity cannot be physically rescued from the Matrix. However, this upload requires a transfer, which Bugs obliges to. The rest of the crews are there as defense in case anything tries to endanger the heist. To enter the Anomaleum, Morpheus sneaks past the Sentinels that guard the tower before Bugs, Cybebe, and Kujaku follow suit. Sati can only been seen in the real world through Kujaku.

At night, in the Matrix, Neo confronts the Analyst in Simulatte (which is now swarming with SWAT guards) and gives him a deal says that if Trinity decides to come with him, he must must let them go; if Trinity decides to stay in the Matrix, he will also return to the Matrix. In response, the Analyst chuckles and says "I like tests".

Trinity then appears at the coffee shop, showing visible nervousness with the guards in the shop. Trinity confesses to Neo that she played his game, and remarks "Why does this feel like a memory?". She also admits that she laughed with Chad, her "husband", about it and secretly wanted to punch him in the face for laughing. However, Trinity knows she is not the same as she once was (back in the original trilogy). At this statement, Chad and his children come to take Trinity away from Neo, as Neo is arrested and gunned down by SWAT guards.

Before Sequoia can unplug Neo from the Matrix and kill him, Trinity defies Chad and beats him before calling for Neo (he does the same as well for Trinity). Neo then "blows" back the SWAT guards pinning him down before the Analyst suddenly stops time. The Analyst mocks Neo before Smith suddenly appears and begins attacking the Analyst, making time go back to normal. What results is a fight in Simulatte, and the Analyst's cat Deja vu suddenly appears at the Analyst in the ensuing fight. The Analyst tries to reach for his cat, but the cat flees in terror from the fighting. In the foreground Neo and Trinity begin fighting towards each other as opposing forces try to force them away; in the background, the Analyst hopelessly watches on before Smith begins exclusively attacking him.

The fight ends after Neo and Trinity "blow" back the SWAT soldiers after they reach for each other. There is short period of tenderness between the two before the Analyst interrupts them. The Analyst threatens them and orders the Matrix "Initiate lockdown. Activate swarm", before being suddenly shot and killed by Smith. Before Smith leaves, he mentions to Neo that anyone could be him in this situation. In Smith's place is a confused male (read: not Jonathon Groff).

Sequoia alerts the group that a swarm is approaching them, and they need to exit the Matrix quickly. Shepard asks Neo to fly (with a nervous nod from Trinity, further enforcing that the group is in trouble), but Neo cannot fly. As the swarm approaches the group, Trinity fetches her motorcycle and orders that Neo get on the motorcycle with her. The pair then ride through the city as the Bot swarm chases and attacks them, with Neo using his powers to "push" Bots or obstacles away. Shepard, Lexy, Berg, and the others are suddenly under attack from the Swarm. Bugs and Morpheus enter the Matrix save the remaining crew (the Mnemosyne's crew) from the Swarm before being forced to leave.

Outside the Matrix, Trinity's physical body has been successfully given to the Mnemosyne, in which now Sati and Kujaku have to leave in order for the heist to come to fruition.

Neo and Trinity continue riding through the streets as Bots surround them, but are suddenly herded into an area where helicopters shoot missiles at them, attempting to kill then. The pair survive, and attempt to head into a building near them as SWAT teams hunt them. They enter the lobby of an abandoned skyscraper, and are shot at; but Neo defends himself and Trinity by stopping the SWAT team's bullets with his hands (one his powers). The pair then get in an elevator and ride to the top of the building to attempt to escape the soldiers.

By the time they get to the top of the skyscraper, it is dawn and two more helicopters have arrived on the scene. Trinity uses Neo as a human shield as the helicopters shoot at the pair, before a missile is fired from one of the helicopters. Neo, in the nick of time, redirects the missile with his powers to the other helicopter, destroying it. The helicopter crashes into the building, briefly knocking the pair out.

The helicopters are gone and Trinity awakes from her brief blackout and it is now sunrise. Trinity admires the sunrise as Neo awakens from his brief blackout and walks towards her. "My dream ended here", Trinity breathes before Neo kisses her. Knowing that their moment cannot last and that they must escape the Matrix, Neo and Trinity jump off the top of the skyscraper while holding hands (signifying their old unity is back). In the real world, the crew of the Mnemosyne has left and Matrix and are witnessing the pair's escape.

In the middle of the jump, Neo tries/attempts to fly again (as he is seen flailing during the fall), but Trinity suddenly suspends herself in the air. Neo, dangling from Trinity, quickly notices he's not flying. "I'm not doing this. Are you doing this?" he exclaims as Trinity realizes that she can fly now, instead of Neo. However, this moment of realization is cut short as two new helicopters suddenly surround them. "Bye", Trinity states at the helicopters while flying out of the Matrix with Neo in tow before any more harm can come to them.

In the real world, Trinity is finally disconnected from the Matrix (by Sequoia) in the Mnemosyne's Matrix operating area, and Neo and Trinity finally reunite with each other in real life while the Mnemosyne's crew watches on.

Sometime afterward, in the Matrix, Trinity flies into the Analyst's house (or office) and confronts the Analyst (who has now reappeared again) after being freed, leaving a gaping hole in the building and letting sunlight from the day in. She kicks him in the jaw in response to Analyst admitting that her Matrix name ("Tiffany"), was "a private joke. An amusement, that's all." Neo enters the room, holding Deja vu (the cat) and watching on. The Analyst recovers after Trinity snaps her fingers. He gets his throat sliced by her after saying "Okay! Ow! If you hated the name so much, why did you heel like a good little bitch for so long?" Neo jokingly admits that the Analyst "Definitely asked for that". After the Analyst is repaired by Trinity snapping her fingers (again), he explodes "Can you control her?!" and get punched by Trinity in the face and slammed into the wall by her. "That was for using children", she growls at him as Neo places Deja vu on one of the Analyst's chairs.

Trinity states that she and Neo have a few questions. One of them is why the Analyst wasn't purged after being shot by Smith in the aftermath of the Simulatte fight after activating the Matrix lockdown. The Analyst blames the Suits (read: Agents) for the lockdown and admits he has to stay "Because I know the system. I know human beings. And I know you." He mockingly applauds Neo and Trinity for being free and assumes that the pair want to make a deal with him and start doing whatever they want with the Matrix, reminding them "The sheeple aren't going anywhere. They like my world. They don't want this sentimentality. They don't want freedom or empowerment. They want to be controlled. They crave the comfort of certainty. And that means you two, back in your pods, unconscious and alone - just like them." Neo and Trinity laugh this statement off and both state that they don't want a deal - they want to remake the Matrix. Trinity then plays the Analyst's game, mockingly saying that she and Neo want to thank him for giving them another chance of changing the world (and possibly each other).

The film ends with Neo and Trinity flying into the skies of the Matrix, launching from the gaping hole in the Analyst's building.


Daniel Bernhardt was announced to reprise his role as Agent Johnson, but his scenes were cut from the final film.



Rumors of a fourth Matrix film go at least as far back as 2011. A rumor existed that Keanu Reeves had met with the Wachowskis and read their treatment for a fourth and fifth Matrix film. However, the rumor was later shot down.[10]

In 2014, Latino Review claimed that the Wachowskis had turned in a story treatment for a second Matrix trilogy and were working on the screenplays. However, the rumor never panned out.[10]

In 2015, while promoting Jupiter Ascending, Lilly Wachowski called the idea of a Matrix sequel "repellent."[10]

A fourth Matrix film was in development as early as March, 2017. The script was being written by Zak Penn. While initially reported to be a reboot, Penn stated that he did not wish to reboot or remake the series.[11] Penn elaborated on his Twitter feed that he didn't want to reboot the series or focus on familiar characters, but instead envisioned a larger shared universe where other stories could be told.[10] Reportedly, the Wachowskis were not involved in the project, but Warner Brothers wanted their "blessing" if the project was to move forward. Michael B. Jordan was listed as being "of potential interest" to star in the film. During his press tour for John Wick: Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves stated that he would be open to returning to the franchise if the Wachowskis wrote and directed it.[12] In the following month, Hugo Weaving stated that he would be open to again portraying Agent Smith. but only if the Wachoskis specifically gave a sequel their blessing. Weaving also indicated he saw a full reboot as a more likely outcome.[10]

Shortly after Penn's tweets, it was reported that Warner Bros. was eyeing a prequel centered around a young Morpheus, with Jordan portraying the character. It was also reported that WB had assembled a writer's room to pitch multiple Matrix projects.[10]

Over the 2017–19 period, Warner Brothers tried to "get back into" the setting, but the process was slowed by producing rights.[4] In March 2018, Penn stated in an interview that "I've been working on Matrix right now. Which is in... a phase right now. That's a franchise I desperately want to see brought back and, I can't go in to too much detail, but I've been harassing Warner Bros. for years to try to get it going again so that's one thing I'm working on and I've been working on a bunch of other things too." He compared the OASIS of Ready Player One (which he also penned the script for) to the concept of the Matrix itself.[13] In May 2019, John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski (who worked as a stunt coordinator on the Matrix films), told Yahoo UK he was excited about the Wachowskis' plans for a fourth Matrix movie. Stahelski later backpedaled, with a representative explaining that he was merely referring to the hypothetical idea of a Matrix 4.[10]


A 2004 sketch by storyboard artist Steve Skroce posted on the day The Matrix Resurrections was announced

The production process sped up in June 2019, and the film was officially announced in August of the same year. The film will be written by Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell, while Grant Hill will serve as co-producer alongside Wachowski. Reportedly, the film will enter production in early 2020, with rumors that filming will begin in Chicago, possibly on February 10th, under the working title Project Ice Cream.[4][14][15][16]

Additionally, Geof Darrow has been brought back to work on conceptual drawings from late June 2019, plus a few storyboard sequences with Steve Skroce, who spent a couple of weeks working on the project.[17][18][19] Darrow confirmed that the film is a sequel to the original films, not a reboot.[20]

John Toll was brought on board as cinematographer for the film, along with set decorator Peter Walpole and supervising art director Hugh Bateup.[21][14]




Film Screenshots[]

Note: Film Screenshots are in order of events as shown in the actual film. Please arrange screenshots in order if any are found to be in incorrect order in the gallery.



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