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The Miller's Tale was a comic that explored the state of agriculture in Zion and featured a very young Morpheus.

It was written and illustrated by Paul Chadwick and is part of The Matrix Comics Series 3 and was printed as part of a 15,000 limited edition given away at the 2003 San Diego Comic Con and for pre-orders of the The Matrix Comics Volume 1, in which it was also included. Later, it was again republished as part of The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition.


In a mess hall, in Zion, a storyteller stood on a podium in front of tables filled with people, and before each head was a plate of bread. Then the storyteller started telling the legend of Geoffrey, one of Zion's earliest inhabitants who, through constant struggles and many very risky ventures to the surface, retrieved seeds, and learned and improved the cultivation of grains and the subsequent baking of bread for the city. Though Geoffrey died towards the end of the tale at the Battle of the Wheat Fields, Zion started holding a Bread Feast twice a year to honor the man's sacrifices. A young Morpheus is then seen enjoying the bread.




  • Geoffrey saw a movie which inspired him to research wheat. That unnamed movie, whose characters were primarily farmers, was Days of Heaven.