The Security Guard was a former police officer who was retired after seeing Neo in action running along walls and in combat. He worked for six months as a security guard in an abandoned Church tower until Neo went to rescue him, as what he had witnessed had put in danger.
Security Guard

On seeing Neo again he was shocked, believing that he had shot him dead at their last encounter. He ran away as Neo tried to persuade him that he was there to help. Thinking that the S.W.A.T. team that had arrived were there to arrest Neo, he escaped to the belfry where an Agent told him to shoot Neo. He hesitated as Neo attacked the Agent, who in turn put a gun to the Security Guard's head. After defeating all of the S.W.A.T. and the Agent, the Security Guard followed Neo down out of the church.

Path of NeoEdit

He was one of the potentials who needed to be rescued by Neo in The Matrix: Path of Neo prior to the events of Reloaded. Because of this, Agent White aimed to kill him, but luckily the potential was saved by Neo and was freed.


  • Dispite no longer being a police officer, he still wears the police uniform and coat, he just lacks the hat.
  • His image shown to the left in-game when the player must be aware of his health depicts him with the police officer's hat, dispite him not wearing it.

Appearances Edit

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