Mr Black

The Spectrum family patriarch, Mr. Black

The Spectrum family (sometimes just called The Spectrum) are one of the most powerful underworld exile groups, along with the Merovingians and Element, and operate in the Westview district. Created by the patriarch Mr. Black and matriarch Dame White (with the exception of Grisaille), the children are often referred to on their own as the Spectrum Siblings.


Dame White

Dame White, the Spectrum family matriarch

The primary group of Exiles in the Barrens is a dysfunctional family created by two Exile Programs that have come to be known as Mr. Black and Dame White. While the two parents are Exiles from the Machine City, the siblings are all native-born to the Matrix, and take to its power games like ducks to water.

Mr. Black and Dame White covet each other's power, but never admit it – instead they work against each other covertly through their children. The siblings compete for the attention and favor of both parents, as well as covertly operating for their parents against each other. Grudges and alliances spring up and are put aside with regularity. The emotional turmoil of the conflict and the mental and physical exercise involved in waging it are their bread and butter.

These are the known members of The Spectrum family:


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