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The stockbroker wife, as she appears on TV

The stockbroker's wife was an unnamed bluepill who had the ability to perceive, through her extremely sensitive body and mind, the repeated resets (or déjà vus) that occurred in the Matrix. She was married to a stockbroker who was highly familiar to her sensitivities and abilities and, upon learning of her predictions that a pharmaceutical company - Pfitzer - was going to hit another imminent commercial success, had decided to gamble their future into that company's stock.


The stockbroker's wife possessed both an extremely sensitive body and mind. As her husband noted, she was deeply hurt by the mildest criticisms, had high inclinations of conceding to sales talk, had hyper-acute eyesight, was intolerant of the cold, and had highly sensitive skin, among others.

On this note, her physical and mental boundaries were highly permeable and receptive, and she had difficulty shutting out the physical world as well as any of the nightmares she experienced. Her hyper-focused senses were forced into deeply concentrating on her present experiences. And while this made her extremely empathetic and nurturing, it also meant that her activities were interrupted by any stronger or more forceful experiences.

One night, while laying with her husband, she was suddenly distracted by the impression of a sudden impact and of violent death. She would then encounter the next day, while jogging, a robin that swiftly swooped down into the ground and to its death, feeling compassion for the bird and realizing the truth of her previous night's premonitions.

After sharing this experience with her husband, he attempted to ease her mind of her sorrows, offering some far-fetched rumors he heard from work about a pharmaceutical's new wonder drug.

Upon hearing of this, the wife shared more premonitions about the drug's release actually coming true and of the national sensation it will soon become.

The husband then took advantage of this knowledge and decided to invest all that he could into the company's stocks which later greatly paid out.

The wife then had one of her more recurring nightmares about waking up in a pod, paralyzed, and surrounded by Machines.

She would also experience a deja vu the next day, saving a store full of shoppers from the otherwise lethal mishap a drunk driver would have caused when he crashed into the store just as she predicted.

This fortunate display of her powers gave rise to a TV interview, which she accepted despite her usual aversion to such acts, only to reveal her abilities to the world, citing their success in investing to give credence to her powers.

She then further shared, as she was planning the whole time, premonitions of a major earthquake that was soon to hit San Francisco.

She succeeds in her warnings and was able to save hundreds of lives from the disaster though everything started to change after her abilities were made public.

Soon, the husband also underwent a similar deja vu experience as she had and, for a night, they both experienced a few deja vus as a couple.

Believing that they were both still sane, they felt that there was an underlying structure lying beneath their world and vowed to uncover it. But the couple begun facing all sorts of challenges afterwards which prevented them from pursuing this goal.

The husband suddenly faced allegations of insider trading and was also getting falsely sued for sexual harassment. The wife, meanwhile, got pregnant. And their home was suddenly infested by bugs.

Their reality was suddenly plunged into a bizarre realm upon which they could both not afford to turn their attentions away from.

The deja vus also just suddenly stopped. And as much as they were able through the wife's gifts, they were soon cast back into their old struggles. And they were both unable to truly uncover the truth of the Matrix.