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The unnamed stockbroker was a bluepill who, following a rumor from a colleague at work and through his wife's precognitive abilities, had invested everything he and his wife owned into the stock market and into betting towards the eventual success of Pfitzer's new drug, to a huge payout.


In an attempt to relieve his wife from thinking about her troubling intuitions, the stockbroker started to talk about work, mentioning his colleague, Butterfield, and about how Butterfield had heard rumors of an upcoming new pill from the pharmaceutical company, Pfitzer.

The stockbroker's wife, upon hearing this, immediately attested to the truth of the fellow's rumors, having been able to determine how the events would play out in a déjà vu, and knowing for sure that the drug will become an immediate commercial success through her extraordinary powers of precognition.

Trusting his wife, the stockbroker scrounged up every bit of money he had access to, mortgaging, borrowing, and cashing out all that he could muster. He then bought as much of Pfitzer's stocks that he could and, for two weeks, observed the trends in the market.

There in his computer screen, he saw the value of Pfitzer gradually inch up, day by day, as the rumors grew until, finally, the pill was publicly announced to have been fast-tracked for FDA approval which caused the value of the company to spike. This culminated with the stocks' value then further exploding after the drug was released for sale.

For some time after these events, the couple lived securely and they were both so hopeful for their future. But after his wife appeared on a TV interview for her strange acts of heroics in a vehicular accident, the world seemed to start suppressing their successes.

While the couple was out shopping, the stockbroker's wife suddenly predicted that a truck would come crashing into the store. Knowing what would happen, she quickly warned the would-be victims from the truck's path and guided them to safety. Somehow, the media got a whiff of the story and invited the woman to an interview, which she accepted to the stockbroker's surprise.

In the interview, the woman revealed her amazing precognitive abilities. She also revealed, in the process, that they made a fortune from trading Pfitzer stocks using the same abilities, arming themselves with the knowledge that Pfitzer's new drug was guaranteed to be a success. This, the stockbroker found out, was all done by his wife so that she could amply and effectively warn the people of San Francisco about an upcoming earthquake.

After another successful prediction where the devastation of the earthquake was reduced by the hundreds of lives saved from the people who chose to listen to the stockbroker's wife, the couple both started to realize that something was truly amiss about their world. And together, they both swore to uncover the truth of the Matrix.

But ever since revealing her abilities, they found that the universe was beginning to oppose their efforts. And then suddenly, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission started investigating the stockbroker and Butterfield for the crime of insider trading, conspiracy, and other potential charges. This had the effect of draining the couple of their wealth.

Om top of it, the stockbroker also faced made-up allegations of sexual harassment in the office. Then his wife just stopped perceiving any of the deja vu that had previously frequently bothered her.

Seemingly, they faced one problem after the other and it broke them. Forced to struggle with their ever busy present, the couple eventually lost any of the drive that had previously allowed them to get close to the truth. Effectively, they were once again trapped in the Matrix.