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Rocket and Mona

There Are No Flowers in the Real World was a comic story written and illustrated by David Lapham for The Matrix Comics Series 2. It was printed in The Matrix Comics Volume 1 and, later, in a free comic book that also included Stray Bullets #2 for Free Comic Book Day 2002 by El Capitan Books. It was republished in The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition.


Rocket, picking up the hardline a little too late

Rocket, a fresh redpill recruit to the Resistance, was in the Matrix and participating in his first mission. In his team were three other operatives, all heading for Phoenix.

Shortly after leaving, their operator, Rook, called in to inform the operatives that their ship, the Mariner, was currently under attack. The team immediately scrambled towards the nearest exit but, one by one, each of the crew were quickly getting killed by sentinels in the Real World, permanently disconnecting the operatives from the Matrix.

Soon enough, Rocket's whole team were killed leaving him the sole survivor. And though Rook managed to destroy the sentinels before getting killed himself, Rocket had already sustained a broken leg from the attack and, with Rook and all possible operators gone, was stranded inside the Matrix.

Mona, Rocket's girl from back in his bluepill life

Rocket contacted the Resistance for help and was given a safe house back in nearby Scottsdale, Rocket's own home town. For days, Rocket awaited rescue in his safe house, all the while resisting with his mind, trying to withstand the pain from his physical body's injuries, and growing weaker due to the lack of real-world sustenance.

During these days, he was often visited by a Resistance operative, King, who was relaying news of the real-world search for him. And to help keep Rocket occupied, King started a conversation about their bluepill pasts. And when they tackled Rocket's love life, King made him realize that his previous life as a bluepill was not at all fake or meaningless, simulated though it may be. This lead Rocket to reconnect with Mona Thomas, who used to be his bluepill girlfriend.

Rocket, leaping at Larry then kicking at him

After a romantic night with Mona was interrupted by Rocket's worsening leg, Rocket, considering the possibly of soon dying, immediately started to distance himself. Fleeing to a diner, he instead got into a scuffle with his old gang. Getting into a frenzy, he killed the gang leader, Larry Little. Also, while in his manic state, he revealed some truths about the Matrix to the spectating diners. This anomaly tipped off the Agents to Rocket's activities.

Soon, news came to Rocket from King that he would soon be rescued. Given new hope by the news, Rocket wanted to meet Mona once more but King advised him to prioritize leaving first, warning him of the threat of Agents. But just then, Agent Brown appeared.

King managed to kill whoever the Agent had possessed but knew that the Agent would not stop. After giving Rocket a gun and instructions to the exit, he lead the Agent away from Rocket.

After Rocket found the hardline location, he called Mona, asking her to quickly meet with him. She immediately went, meeting Rocket at his location. He then informed her of his need to disappear but also promised to come back for her. Mona promised to wait, and also promised to join Rocket wherever they needed to go upon his return.

Then the phone rang. Tragically, Mona was suddenly possessed by Agent Brown. Rocket hesitated to shoot Mona and allowed the possession to fully take place. By then though, all was too late. Agent Brown already had Rocket and proceeded to kill him.



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