• I’ve heard everything.

    And I’m laughing now, because everyone got a boot. Back into their own proposal.

    It’s funny as hell, when you see the mountain of money I’ve made.

    In fact I don’t even own 1 single solitary wanted poster of myself.

    I feel like my friends have done very well for the crew.

    This could turn into a permanent memory for Zion to see.

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    • As I can see, as and you shall receive. And it’s very true. Anything’s possible, with the good lord.

      I’ve tangled with the most sincere angels. Who believe in a faith. Of that which can only be described.

      As the spoken word, could not be translated.

      Every knee will bow, and every tong will confess.

      And I know that it is true.

      Family is an unbreakable institution.

      And god, will save you.

      If you let go and let god.anything is possible.

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