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Tiera after chosing the blue pill

Tiera was a hacker in the Matrix who, after being given the choice, took the blue pill.


Early life[]

She led a seemingly carefree life as a child (and had a white rabbit stuffed toy), was interested in computers as a girl, and became a hacker extraordinaire as a woman, involved with other elite hackers and admiring figures like Morpheus, Neo, Trinity and all "the other Myths and Legends".


Then Morpheus came into her life, offering her the truth about the Matrix and the choice between two pills, one red and the other blue. Red meant "go" and, as Tiera recalled, "would be the total alteration of my life, a brave new world of the unknown, to be reborn anew" and to "learn the truth about everything," while blue meant "stop" and she got to kept living her current life. Scared, she took the blue pill.


She continued to live in the White Rabbit Hotel area and read books like Memoreaze, Simulacra and Simulations, Interfazed, Byte Me, Hackers Bible and Freud's "memo's" on computer as well as getting The Daily News newspaper. She had kept files about the Matrix, was able to recall her choice, and spent her days wondering what would have happened if she had only chosen otherwise. Knowing the true nature of her world, she described herself as "a pitiful shell of a human" and "nothing more than a friggin' ghost in a machine".