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A cover for The Second Renaissance showcasing The Instructor of the Zion Archives.

This relative timeline of The Matrix franchise includes the stories of the films, the video games, The Animatrix short films and The Matrix Comics. Many of these run parallel to one another while some are difficult to place (though most can be assumed to take place before the Truce). Others, such as The Miller's Tale, are stories set within stories. But a general relative timeline follows:


The Second Renaissance and Machine War[]

Events covered: Second Renaissance, Machine War, Operation Dark Storm

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Early Sixth Zion[]

The Matrix Trilogy[]

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The Matrix Path of Neo logo.png

Believed by the Resistance to be around 2199 but is in fact perhaps 500 years later.

Events covered: Crisis Meeting, Reload, The Freeway Chase

The Matrix: Path of Neo runs parallel to the events of the films (beginning with Morpheus offering Neo the choice), filling in some details between them, and features an alternative ending.

Post Trilogy[]

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Events covered: Truce


Events covered: Second Machine War

The Matrix Resurrections[]

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The following information contains spoilers from The Matrix Resurrections. Read at your own risk.

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Roughly 60 years pass between the events of The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Resurrections.[7]

Events covered: The Return of Neo


Many other Animatrix films and Matrix Comics can't be placed definitely in the series' chronology, though some make reference to or feature specific characters and most can be assumed to take place some time in the sixth Matrix and before the events of the first film:

The One[]

The Oracle and potentials[]

Morpheus and Trinity[]



The Instructor[]

Other (Animatrix)[]

Other (Comics)[]

Outside canon[]

Two comedic webcomics by Peter Bagge set in the Matrix aren't to be taken as serious events in The Matrix universe:

See also[]


  1. Newspaper headlines have Trinity hacking the IRS D-base.
  2. The Matrix Universe poster puts this chronologically before The Matrix.
  3. Agent White says "Soon we will have the coordinates for Zion", meaning the Sentinel army hasn't yet located the city.
  4. Morpheus teaches Kid, which must have happened before the opening events of The Matrix Online.
  5. Set in February 2001 in the webcomic, and February 2002 in the printed volume, with The Matrix set in 1999 and Reloaded and Revolutions around six months after.
  6. Set on February 2nd 2003 according to a log in the exact same style as the 1998 and 1999 logs at the start and end of The Matrix; which implies the creators intended to set it 4 years after the events of the first film.
  7. New ‘Matrix Resurrections’ Images Confirm Jonathan Groff’s Character