Disc Eight: The Roots of the Matrix was the eight disc in the Ultimate Matrix Collection. It contained two in-depth documentaries on the historical, philosophical, and technological inspirations of the trilogy and its spin-off Animatrix shorts.


  • Color, Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Languages:
    • English
  • Subtitles:
    • English
    • Français

Easter EggsEdit

Highlighted Ultimate Matrix Collection Easter Egg Menu

Highlighted Easter Egg menu code strands

US EditionEdit

  1. Go to the DVD Credits Menu.
  2. Press right to highlight the main box. Press enter.
  3. The DVD Easter Eggs Menu will pop up. Use your remote to highlight parts of the code to access the featurettes.

European EditionEdit

  1. Select the Languages menu.
  2. Click on the arrows to the right of the Subtitles
  3. Click on the arrows to the right of the new set of Subtitles.
  4. Click on the Warner Video credits box.
  5. The Easter Egg menu appears. Select one of the code streams to play the hidden featurette.


There are seven featurettes; four in a row at the top, one in the middle and two below. In that order, the featurettes are about:

  1. The Hero's Journey: Christopher Vogler
  2. Names: Christopher Vogler, Frances Flannery-Dailey, William Irwin, Peter B. Lloyd
  3. The Holy Grail: Peter B. Lloyd, Frances Flannery-Dailey
  4. Interpretations: Ken Wilbur, Peter B. Lloyd, David Chalmers, Dr. Rachel Wagner, Frances Flannery-Dailey, Dr. Cornel West
  5. Nanotechnology: Angela Belcher
  6. Modular Reconfigurable Robots: Mark Yim
  7. Future Technology: Will Wright


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