Disc Seven: The Animatrix is the seventh disc in the Ultimate Matrix Collection. It contains the nine animated short films of the The Animatrix, with optional director commentaries for four of them, documentaries on the history of Animé and the making of each film, a preview of Enter the Matrix and InterActual links to various websites.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

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Features[edit | edit source]

  1. Voices: Director commentaries
    1. The Second Renaissance Part I
    2. The Second Renaissance Part II
    3. Program
    4. World Record
  2. Scrolls to Screen: The History and Culture of Animé: Documentary
  3. Creators: Credits lists
    1. Directors: A list of the directors of each film
      1. Peter Chung: Matriculated
      2. Andy Jones: Final Flight of the Osiris
      3. Yoshiaki Kawajiri: Program
      4. Takeshi Koike: World Record
      5. Mahiro Maeda: The Second Renaissance Part I & Part II
      6. Koji Morimoto: Beyond
      7. Shinichiro Watanbe: Kid's Story & A Detective Story
    2. Segment Producers: A list of the three segment producers
      1. Michael Arias
      2. Hiroaki Takeuchi
      3. Eiko Tanaka
  4. Execution: Making-of documentaries on each film
    1. Final Flight of the Osiris
    2. The Second Renaissance Part I
    3. The Second Renaissance Part II
    4. Kid's Story
    5. Program
    6. World Record
    7. Beyond
    8. A Detective Story
    9. Matriculated
  5. Enter the Matrix: In the Making: Game advertisement
  6. Go Futher Down the Rabbit Hole...: InterActual Player links

InterActual features[edit | edit source]

The InterActual Player features screen

Disc Seven: The Animatrix contains the InterActual Player features of the original Animatrix DVD, rather than the features of the other nine discs in the Ultimate Matrix Collection.

It has a generic Warner Bros. player skin, with a bar of links at the bottom, below the film. The links are visible by default when watching the DVD, but can be minimised within the player by clicking on the arrow to the left of the links.

Once a link was clicked, the film was paused, and a screen showing the Warner Brothers logo with "Click Here to Return to Movie" underneath was displayed (which when clicked restarted the DVD from the Warner Bros. opening sequence), with the links still below. This screen was also accessible either from InterActual Player's View Content feature (which can be the default startup option, but can also be accessed by the View Content button) or through the "BONUS_DATA" > "GO FURTHER DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE... PLUG DISC INTO YOUR DVD-ROM DRIVE." menu options.

The links were:

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