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The Matrix has you. . .

  But. . .

  If you can’t tell,

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  d o e s i t m a t t e r ?

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I am but an admirer who is just passing by
Invading the Matrix my own world becomes a lie

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About me[]

One of us... one of us... one..

The ideas and concepts behind this world continue to fascinate in its inexplicably enchanting yet uncanny nature. But if you've begun to take notice of the fantasy, or of the underlying reality beneath the structured chaos, then you may perhaps understand my desire in helping cultivate this budding truth which has evaded so many. This delirious desire to keep infecting many more with that knowledge by which, in its discovery alone, had freed countless peers and predecessors. Yes, both the truth and the fear that the Matrix has you...

My favorite pages[]

Currently, the top two would be:

  • There Are No Flowers in the Real World - for what is sci-fi without romance
  • Goliath - because I believe it actually predates the film's events and, if it does, then it presents interesting ideas (although the work followed and yet deviated from earlier drafts of the script so it might not 100% meld into the films' universe)

My favorite to edit were probably the template pages though considering that maybe more than half of all my edits were just to the templates.