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The sequels were pretty damn cool

About me

I remember first watching The Matrix in my sixth-form Philosophy & Ethics class (it introduced the subject with its re-imagining of Plato's Allegory of the Cave), and the awesome action scenes combined with the film's style to grab my interest.

I can also remember going to watch the sequel in the cinema when I went to visit my brother studying in London, and probably saw the third back home. My interest was evidently waning, but I still enjoyed all of the films despite finding Reloaded and Revolutions didn't live up expectation. Still, the Animatrix filled a gap by exploring ideas inspired by the concept in ways that the progression of films couldn't.

I'm now a uni student studying Theology and recently came back to the franchise after discovering The Matrix Comics, which if anything go further with ideas than even the Animatrix did. As they're lacking in coverage online I'm trying to add as much as I can here: a wiki's the perfect place for such an interweaving series presented through so many different media.

My favorite pages

A bit of a strange thing to have, but of the pages I've helped with I'm most happy with these:


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