671321The Crow by SilentbutDeadly-1--1-

Real name: N/A Program type: Crow Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Black Purpose: Protect and serve the Merovingian

"Fear is the greatest enemy to humans, and is the path to madness"

--- Crow

Crow is a program created and controlled by the Merovingian. He is known for his pale, white skin, and his long black hair. He always wears black clothing as a sign of evil and dark spirits.

However, the greatest things Crow is renowned for is his ability to transform into a crow,and his extreme claws (Not pictured). In his right middle finger is a needle containing a "fear liquid", which reveals the greatest fears of the victim, and almost certainly make's them twisted and insane. He uses his ability of shape-shifting into a crow to spy of enemy's and prisoners. He is also able to communicate with crows.

Crow is killed by the program Ballard while torturing Jehovah crewmember 'Fox'. However, luckily for Crow, the Merovingian had a second copy of himself to reload.


  • The Matrix Online