Many thanks to Sclera1 for giving me Admin rights: as you've no doubt noticed by now I've already made some changes to the theme.

First, the colour scheme: black with green links works, as the Theme Manager doesn't let you change the colour of the text itself. It has meant some of the templates are hard to read now, but we'll get around to changing them (as I've already done to the films template) perhaps along with a review of what the character infoboxes should display.

Second the Favicon: I've changed this to Nisheeth's falling code icon, though it seems to be working only intermittently for some reason at the moment. Hopefully it will work consistently in time.

I've also altered the navigation menus at the top: I'd previously moved all of the "Matrix Online" category articles into the bigger and better named "The Matrix Online" category, and so the menu needed to be changed (though I kept the same display name). The Characters menu was basically a repetition of the Popular pages and Matrix Online menu contents, so I replaced it with a Matrix Series menu which has the Films, Animatrix, Comics and Games (though there isn't room for The Matrix Online it is the topic of the next menu so can't really be missed): essentially the same as Sclera1's old menu but customised and so without the repeated items.

In addition, I'd got in touch with an admin on the Star Wars Wookieepedia to find out how to get a few wiki tricks to work on wikia and so you can now include the viewing user's username on a page using {{USERNAME}} (check it out operative!), and we'll soon be able to use collapsible sections too (especially useful for the very long film crew pages).

Finally, things I'd like to see: a graphic wordmark to replace the current text saying "The Matrix Wiki" at the top of each page (a 250x65 png), and also a background picture for the sides of the wiki, ideally an animated gif of falling code, and though the limit is 100 KB it can be tiled.

If anyone has any ideas or can help contribute to the theme please reply here and let us know!