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Vamps (otherwise known as Blood Drinkers, Vampires, or Nosferatu) are a type of Exile in The Matrix who have been used in one of the previous versions of The Matrix (most likely The Nightmare Matrix), which emulated the Vampire creatures in folk tales and legends.

They are pale, tall and skinny, and have a preference for dress in black and leather. In emulating their legend-based counterparts, these Exiles feed on blood (or more specifically, the code present in blood) in order to survive.

Powers & Abilities[]

They possess great strength, endurance, and agility, and have been known to perform such feats as Hyperjumps, Bullet Evasion, Hyper Acrobatics, and Adhesion (the ability to move across any surface, and stay attached to that surface, without falling off, as seen in the Club Hel Coat Check Chaos sequence) with relative ease. They can also detach at will, and latch onto other surfaces, bounding from surface to surface like a spider).

Role in The Matrix[]

In the world of the Bluepills, they lead lives that are fast, furious, and dangerous, filled with excesses of lust and wanton violence. If a Vamp does not feed, it becomes weak and its RSI begins to deteriorate. If they are deprived of sustenance for too long, their RSI becomes unstable, and dissolve into a pile of lost code. Older Vamps can go for long periods of time between feedings.

According to Persephone, "they are notoriously difficult to terminate", shrugging off injuries that would otherwise kill most Exiles. Wooden stakes and crossbow quarrels for the most part kills off weaker, inexperienced Vamps, and seriously injure older Vamps. Older, more powerful Vamps require at least two stakes to be put down. Also, silver seems to kill them.

Four vamps have names. Cain and Abel are shown and killed in Reloaded; Vlad is shown in Enter The Matrix, and Malphas appears as the middleman between the Merovingian and his kind. Cujo dies when the character drives a stake through his chest. Vlad captures Niobe, and locks her in the chateau's attic. Vlad decides not to take Niobe to the Merovingian, for reasons unknown. Niobe breaks free of her ropes and fights Vlad, who is in the next room. After a lengthy fight, Vlad knocks Niobe to the ground and leaves, saying he has better things to do. Vlad and Niobe later fight a second time in Persephone's bedroom. Niobe wins, killing Vlad by stabbing him through the heart with a wooden stake.