"Vashuo is amazing. He can fix anything, except for the rattling sound in the ventilator over Al3xandra's cabin on the ship."
Neurophyte [src]

Vashuo was a crewmember on the Novalis II, he was killed by the traitorous Veil, who went on to become the leader of the Cypherites.

History Edit

  • Source taken from MxO archive

Engineer / Medical Officer on the Novalis II, (perhaps a Guardian Patcher). As a bluepill, Anatoli was always gifted when it came to electronics and computers. However, his family struggled greatly with finances. He would work odd jobs as a child: paper routes, mowing lawns, and even went so far as to sell lemonade to help with income. His father was a proud man, too proud to take his son's hard earned money. The money Anatoli made from his odd jobs was put away into savings as everyone in the family knew that if any of them were to be successful in life, it would be Anatoli. When that time came, the money Anatoli had made would be of great help to him in his endeavors.

That time finally arrived as a recruiter visited Anatoli's high school and was taken aback at the student's abilities with computers and mathematics. An interview was setup with a liaison within the Kalt Chemical Engineering Corporation and the money saved up for his odd jobs is what got him there. However, the very same day a terrible fire broke out at Anatoli's home which left no survivors. The police were confident that it was professional arson. Wounded with grief for the loss of his family, Anatoli thought he would never trust again, never feel friendship or love, again.

When the crew of the Novalis II approached him due to his uncanny knack for manipulating the Matrix as a bluepill – Anatoli made a pact with himself to never leave those he considers family ever again and to protect them at all costs.

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