For the redpill operative from the matrix movies, see Vector

The Server known as Vector is one of the three servers in The Matrix Online. Unlike the other two main servers, Syntax and Recursion, players are flagged for fighting after reaching level 16 and is therefore a more hostile world.

In the Post-monolith stage, the players from the Enumerator, Heuristic and Input servers have been relocated into Vector.

Officers in serverEdit


Machinists Edit

  • Mission Controller: Agent Gray

Merovigian Edit

  • Leader: Meroviangian
  • Mission Controller: Flood

E Pluribus Neo Edit


Unique to this server Edit

  • The Zionites have successfully recovered the package given to them by the General when they briefly joined forces
  • A special event where the Intruder uses a Decelerator Spawn
  • Abandoned ending for saving Neurophyte
  • The General makes a permanent disappearance shortly after the Machinist operatives catch up to him, and hinting of a possible return
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