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Toorima is crude sometimes, but most of the time she is the best of us – she works hard, stays focused, and gets results.

― Neurophyte[src]

Veil (formerly known as Toorima) was a crewmember aboard the Novalis II, before betraying the Resistance by joining the Cypherites. She became the mission controller of the Cypherites, a radical subfaction of the Machinists.


Working with Novalis II[]

  • source from MxO archive

Of all the members of the Novalis II crew, Toorima is perhaps the most secretive. She keeps her feelings and thoughts close and often only expresses herself through crude humor; strange for one who has been designated to be the communications expert on the ship. When she isn't offending (and amusing) the rest of the crew with her jokes, she is usually somewhat quiet. Extremely efficient, she often comes off as cold and unfeeling. It has become a mission for the rest of the crew to continually probe and prod to get her to reveal a bit more about herself. She is a bit of a mystery, but one they seem intent on cracking.

Toorima spends a lot of time sending data packets to Zion. Rumors fly about long conversations with Zion Command. Is it a friend, a relative, a lover? Whatever she's up to, she isn't talking.

Life as a Cypherite[]

In Chapter 6.3, Veil was a part of the operation of hijacking a hovercraft in order to find out the mysterious activities of materials being shipped out of the Zion. When the Captain refused to cooperate, she sent the hovercraft on a collision course with the Zion docks.

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