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K is killed just as she is about to pick up the phone

Wrong Number is a comic written by Vince Evans for Series 1 and colored by Jason Keith for The Matrix Comics Volume 2. It was later republished in The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition.


On her mobile phone to the operator Link and with Agents all around, K demands an exit. The only one available is just in front of her, Brownstone 333 first floor, but appears to be unstable; even so K says it will work and Link patches the call through.

Inside, a bluepill City lineman has finished checking the phone, which seems to be in full working order. K kicks the door down and tells him the call is for her. Link warns her that something's changed, but as K tries to pick up the phone to exit an Agent appears in the doorway and the corridor, rigged with explosives, explodes from just behind him.

Knocked to the floor and dazed by the explosion, the lineman hears his mobile phone ring and as he answers it, K tells him that the call is for her again, holding her gun to make the point and in case he changes into an Agent. Link tells her that the situation doesn't look good, with Agents moving all around her and the last exit completely destroyed. K asks Link if he could re-establish an exit if she gets the line open again, and as he confirms it, she tells the lineman to patch her back inside the phone line. The lineman says he can do it but it might be quicker without the gun, and tells K that he's not a threat and that he couldn't hurt her even if he wanted to. He connects his handset and as Link places the call it rings and K drops the mobile phone as the lineman passes her the handset, but just as she is about to take it the lineman becomes an Agent, who shoots K before she can react.

Regaining his senses dazed, the lineman wonders if he was shot and what happened to K. His head pounding he looks up and sees her lying on the floor, propped up against the wall, shot through the eye. Disbelieving the whole thing, he wonders if he did it and how, telling himself that it is just not possible, and the handset keeps ringing in the background with the call that would have been K's safe exit.



  • Brownstone 333
  • The City
  • Leo Tek

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