Zee is a natural born human of Zion and sister to Tank and Dozer. She married the operator Link and is very concerned for his safety.

She is good friends with Cas, the widow of Dozer.

During the final battle of Zion she joined a bazooka team as the loader and was essential in disabling a digger with her friend and fellow soldier, Charra. When she hears that the Hammer is coming over the radio, she realizes that Link is coming and rushes to aid the defenders in opening the Gate to the Docks.

As one of the Sentinels is about to kill the Kid, she destroys it with a lightning rifle, allowing the Kid to shoot the Gate open and Link to activate an EMP, saving the Docks.

Zee is played by actress Nona Gaye, daughter of soul singer, Marvin Gaye.

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  • The role of Zee was originally given to R&B singer and actress, Aaliyah but due to Aaliyah's death on August 25, 2001, she was replaced by Nona Gaye.


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